Del Guidante

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Kennel of black Riesenschnauzer, black Schnauzer and blacks, and pepper and salt Zwergschnauzer


Our impact with the dog world happens almost by accident:
We caught thieves in act at our isolated home in Varese and thereby we decided to look for a dog that could defend ourselves and our family in the future.
Thereby Kimbo became part of our family, a lanky legs black Riesenschnauzer of few months. With pleasure I still remember the long walks and runs through the woods with my first dog, who needed a lot of movement in order to grow properly.
Kimbo was presented in the expos more out of curiosity than out of conviction. To the astonishment of the fans of the breed who didn’t know neither him, nor we, his bewildered teammates, wins and gets a name. The desire to give Kimbo a company in the long hours of solitude at home bringed us in Germany with the aim of choosing a puppy of a well-defined blood stream, as suggested by the experts met at the edge of the rings. We returned with not one, but two puppies as we were undecided. Then when Kimbo had been required as a stud by a huge Italian breeder, another girl becomes part of the family, Ialta of Margravial.
Our goal, certainly ambitious, has always been and will be to maintain a high level of quality without increasing the production of puppies, wishing not to neglect our family and work. Our is a very limited production, our puppies are born in the house and as long as they are with us before they find a new family, are always in our close contact, surrounded by the sounds of everyday life and the tranquility of a house surrounded by greenery. The constancy occurred in all these years, our great attention to the health and character of our subjects, have enabled us to achieve milestones coveted in Europe.
After the early Riesenschnauzers we decided to breed also the Zwergschnauzer, as desired by my three children who saw the giants too big for them. More recently, arrived also the Standard blacks after I fell in love with a black Standard Schnauzer seen in the house of an English breeder friend of us: it appears as a small photocopy of a giant! Fabulous.... so we brought home a stepbrother of Domino, Flamenco, was fatal.
Recently, in 2010, finally retired from work, I was able to cap off another of my dream: to become a show ring judge. And here I am therefore qualified to judge my beloved schnauzer.
It was Gianercole Mentasti, judge of the breed, Zwergschnauzer breeder, as well a great friend, to suggest, without intending it, the name of the kennel ... Her little girl called "Guidante" the steering wheel of the car!!


The SCHNAUZER have always been our great Hobby
We like to expose them in Italy and abroad.
We breed with passion no more than 1 or 2 litters a year.

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